Ball Joints Video

A ball joint is a flexible ball and socket that attaches the wheel hub to the rest of the suspension. Ball joints move in every direction to help with steering and shock absorption. They need to be checked, and/or lubricated on a regular basis, as determined by the automaker. Often times the inspection and lubrication schedule correlates to your oil change interval. If you’re hearing clicking or popping sounds when the wheel is turned, a possible cause is that your ball joints are failing. Replacing your ball joints is not part of scheduled maintenance, but eventually, the grease inside the ball joints will dry out, causing the joint to become loose or fail. If ignored long enough, a worn ball joint can break - causing substantial damage to your steering and suspension system. Let Finsanto Automotive Repair Shop in San Antonio know if you have concerns about your ball joints, or if you are due for an inspection, or lubrication. You can schedule an appointment online, or call us at 210-684-2277.