Computer Diagnostic Services In San Antonio, TX

Computer Diagnostics/ Inspections in San Antonio, TX

Owning a modern diesel or gasoline-powered vehicle requires routine computer diagnostics and inspections performed by a trained team of automotive specialists. The mechanics at Finsanto Automotive are certified experts on all the newest diagnostic equipment and procedures. We employ state-of-the-art equipment to promptly diagnose and inspect any problems with your car that could compromise its performance or safety. Then we can determine what maintenance or repairs will benefit you the most. Computer diagnostics should be done about once every year. If you have not had computer diagnostics in San Antonio, TX, contact us right away! 

Mechanisms of Car Computer Diagnosis

Your car’s computer diagnostics system scans sensors strategically placed throughout your vehicle to provide detailed information on the condition of your engine, gearbox, and brakes. The onboard computer receives this information and checks it for any faults, and it’s so advanced that it can foresee potential problems by picking up on subtle irregularities.

As opposed to spending hours digging through different parts of your vehicle, our mechanics can rapidly zero in on the source of the problem, saving you both time and money. Also, it keeps your car operating at peak efficiency all the time! 

How We Utilize Computer Diagnostics

We offer comprehensive computer diagnostics in San Antonio, TX, including testing for issues with engine management systems and all the above components. Our mechanics can also check the vehicle’s onboard computers to ensure they read information from its various sensors properly. In the event that a malfunction indicator is detected during the inspection, we offer professional guidance on how to proceed with the necessary repairs. You can trust that your car will be restored to its best shape once we run computer diagnostics on it.

Inspections in San Antonio, TX

Vehicle inspections are important for your vehicle because they help you stay up to date with maintenance and repairs that could potentially save you time and money in the future. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect all parts, from gauges and warning lights to exhaust systems and brakes, to ensure your vehicle is operating at optimal levels. After our inspections are complete, we provide detailed reports of our findings so that you can keep track of any repairs or replacements that need to be done. Our inspections include the following:

  • Check engine light diagnosis and repair
  • Brake system inspection
  • Fluid level checks
  • Tire pressure and condition check
  • Battery, starter, and alternator test
  • Inspection of hoses, belts, air filters, spark plugs, and other parts

Contact us today for car computer diagnostics and vehicle inspections in San Antonio, TX!

Top-Rated Computer Diagnostics in San Antonio, TX

Your best option for keeping your car functioning optimally for years to come is our amazing team of highly-skilled mechanics here at Finsanto Automotive; bring it in at the first indication of trouble, whether that’s a check engine light, or weird noise, a drop in fuel efficiency, or anything else. We offer the best computer diagnostics in San Antonio, TX. Please call us at (210) 529-8428 or make an appointment online today if you have any questions about auto repair.

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We are a Digital Shop

Our technicians use the latest technology to not only tell you if there are any issues with your vehicle, but show you. If we uncover an issue the photo will be e-mailed to you for your records. At the end of every visit you will receive a detailed report regarding the general health of your vehicle. Our #1 goal is to keep you safe on the road.

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