Timing Belt Replacement In San Antonio, TX

Timing Belt Replacement Services in San Antonio, TX

Engine timing is extremely important. Valves for air and exhaust need to open and close in each cylinder at just the right time for your engine to run properly. Every vehicle will have a timing chain or belt, and keeping them in check is important. A bad belt or chain can cause the engine to lose time and possibly damage itself in the case of interference engines. Finsanto Automotive is the best option when you’re looking for timing component maintenance. Our technicians are top-notch, and we provide top-quality services and repairs. If you are in San Antonio, TX, and need timing belt replacement, Finsanto Automotive is the place to go! 

When to Replace Timing Belt or Chain?

Like the drive belt in your engine, the timing belt needs to be replaced at proper intervals and even sooner if it gets oil or coolant on the belt. Most vehicles with timing belts require belt replacement at 100,000 miles. The advantage of these belts is it leads to a quieter engine.

Some vehicles don’t have timing belts but have timing chains. Timing chains are slightly noisier but are more durable.

But timing chains can still stretch or break, so if the engine sounds noisier, it’s probably time to look at that timing chain. Your owner’s manual should tell you if your vehicle has a timing belt or a timing chain, or you can call us, and we can look it up for you.

Modern engines are complex and require precise timing of the moving components to run at their best. A vehicle that is out of time (the timing is not correct because of a worn belt or chain) will run roughly in the best scenario but can also lock up in the worst scenario. Ensure your timing system is maintained properly to extend the life of your engine. 

Quality Water Pump Services From Finsanto Automotive

In addition to the timing belt, most vehicles also have a pump that moves the coolant (often called a water pump), which is driven by the timing belt or chain. We advise replacing this water pump while you replace your timing belt or chain since we are already in that part of the engine. Most of the time, these components are done at the same time because the labor is nearly the same to do both jobs. Not all vehicles are built this way, but most are. 

Trusted Timing Belt Replacement Services in San Antonio, TX

At Finsanto Automotive, our experienced technicians have replaced timing chains, belts, and water pumps for years. Our top-quality auto services and repairs in San Antonio, TX will keep your timing system in optimal condition, so your engine runs at its best. We inspect the timing components thoroughly before performing any service, so you can be sure of a job done right when you come to us. Plus, we offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty for any repairs we provide for you. If your vehicle needs a new timing belt, water pump, or timing chain, give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

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