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Tire Services in San Antonio, TX

Tire Repairs & Services in San Antonio, TX

Tire services are a critical part of vehicle maintenance and upkeep. Proper tire care helps ensure road safety, increased fuel economy, and added tire life. Tires not properly maintained or replaced regularly can cause serious accidents due to tire blowouts or skids on slick roads.

Ignoring tire maintenance can also lead to tire failure. That’s why getting your tire services done at a reputable shop like Finsanto LLC is important. Our experienced technicians are experts in tire services, alignments, installing and balancing tires, and tire inspections. If you need tire services in San Antonio, TX, you’ve come to the right place! 

Types of Tire Services From Finsanto LLC

Wheel Alignment

The process of aligning the wheels doesn’t just involve wheels and tires; we adjust your vehicle’s suspension components to bring everything straight and true. Our technicians are professionals in adjusting these sophisticated systems so your vehicle drives straight, and your tires wear evenly. Here is a list of a few things which may be signs that you need a wheel alignment: 

  • Uneven tire wear
  • Not driving straight with the wheel straight
  • Vibration in the steering wheel

However, slight variations in your alignment could go unnoticed. It would be best if you had your vehicle aligned every 6,000 miles or when you drive on rough terrain. 

Finsanto LLC has a state-of-the-art alignment machine with a lift built into the shop floor. This means that our technicians can do alignments that many shops cannot do! Alignments help your vehicle drive smoother, your tires last longer, and keep you on the road. Wheels that are not aligned properly lead to uneven and accelerated wear on your tires, meaning they will need to be replaced much more often! 

Tire Installation

When you purchase new tires, buying them in sets of 4 or at least in matching groups of 2 on each axle is preferable. Different tire treads and thicknesses will roll differently on the road, so mixing and matching can cause premature wear on tires and drive systems. Our service advisors at Finsanto LLC will be happy to help you compare tire brands and benefits and provide tire installation services in San Antonio, TX.

Tire Balancing

While wheels and tires are made as close to perfectly balanced as possible, small variations can add together to create a vibration while you’re driving down the road. Balancing tires and wheels ensures your vehicle runs smoothly down the road.

We will balance your wheels and tires each time you replace your vehicle’s tires. Poorly balanced wheels can lead to tire wear issues. In addition, since tires wear based on road conditions as well, it’s important to check your wheel balance every 4,000 to 6,000 miles. Our experienced technicians can assist you in tire balancing services in San Antonio, TX.

Tire Rotation

The weight of your vehicle is not the same on all four corners; the engine adds a lot of weight to the front. Add on the fact that the front wheels handle the steering means those front tires will wear faster than the rear tires. This means that tire rotations are essential for extending the life of your tires as we move them from the front to the back.

Uneven tire wear can bring down your car’s mileage. Not to mention, when your tires wear faster, you also buy more tires overall. Visit Finsanto Automotive Repair Shop and let our trained technicians provide you with quality tire rotation services in San Antonio, TX.

Tire Inspection

Tires must be inspected regularly for damage or punctures. In addition, bulges, tears, and cuts can negatively affect a tire’s structure. If you have doubts about the condition of your tires, it’s best to have them inspected. Finsanto Automotive Repair Shop is known for performing top-notch tire inspection services in San Antonio, TX. 

Trusted Tire Services in San Antonio, TX

If you need tire services in San Antonio, TX, come to Finsanto Automotive Repair Shop. Our experienced technicians are here to provide your vehicle’s tire installation, wheel alignments, tire balancing, tire rotation, and tire inspection services. We have the experience and state-of-the-art equipment to keep your vehicle running smoothly and your tire wearing evenly. Visit us today or give us a call!