When Your Car Needs New Tires

Monitoring the wear of your tires is one of those maintenance tasks for every car that often seems to fall by the wayside. Despite the fact that your tires are a vitally important component of your car, it can be easy to ignore obvious problems with them. Replacing tires is a task that can be ignored for too long.

Sometimes your car might drift because of uneven treads. In other cases your gas mileage may suffer. Bald tires in particular can even be dangerous, causing your car to skid across slick pavement, when newer tires would bring you to a safe stop in the same circumstances. When you know you need new tires, it’s time to call Finsanto Automotive in San Antonio.

A Wide Selection of the Best Tires

The experts at Finsanto Automotive will offer you unbeatable rates on the best tires available today, matching the proper tire to the kind of vehicle you drive. There’s no need to worry about discounted, subpar tires from a shop that happens to have overstock on hand, as this would leave you to question their quality. All tires from Finsanto Automotive are guaranteed to last, allowing you to drive safely in all conditions for miles to come.

Of course, buying the tires is only the first step. You’ll need our ASE-Certified technicians to install those tires for you, which they’re ready to do. Proper mounting and balancing will ensure you’re ready to roll. No matter what kind of car you drive, Finsanto Automotive will address your tire needs accurately, efficiently and safely.

The Finsanto Automotive Advantage

  •  Superior-quality service since 2008
  •  2-year/24,000-mile national warranty on ALL repairs
  •  12-month no-interest financing options
  •  ASE-Certified technicians
  •  Towing service and courtesy shuttle

For reliable and efficient auto repair services in San Antonio, TX, look no further than Finsanto Automotive, truly “A Wrench Above The Rest!”

Tires in San Antonio, TX

For honest and efficient auto repairs in San Antonio, TX, turn to the capable team at Finsanto Automotive.

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