Fuel Injection Service in San Antonio, TX

Engines need fuel to run properly, but a vehicle's fuel system can get clogged and fouled over time. If you're noticing that your vehicle is lacking acceleration or running sluggishly, it may be time for a fuel system cleaning and service. Some vehicles have fuel filters that need to be replaced, and our technicians have the tools and expertise to clean the fuel injectors as well.

Your gas pedal moves a valve that lets more or less air into the engine, and your car's computer manages the gas flow. Harmful deposits can build up on the parts of the fuel system that inject fuel into the engine, so to keep your engine running well and efficiently, periodic fuel system cleaning is important. Finsanto Automotive Repair Shop has the qualified technicians and the top-quality cleaners to remove these deposits and restore your engine's performance!

Don't wait to enjoy your vehicle to the fullest and get the best fuel economy it can give you, keep your fuel system clean with a fuel injection service!

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