Fluid Exchanges in San Antonio, TX

Modern cars and trucks have several mechanical systems that require fluids for lubrication or cooling purposes, there are several types of fluid exchanges we offer.

Transmission Fluid Exchange

Exchanging used fluid from the transmission washes away tiny particles of dirt, clutch material, and metal shavings. It's important to keep up with your vehicles recommended transmission fluid change schedule in the same way you keep up with your engine oil change schedule. With automatic transmissions, the fluid quality is vitally important due to the complex nature of transmissions. Do not wait until the vehicle shifts poorly, it may be too late for a flush at that point. Flushing an already worn-out transmission can actually make it worse. Make sure you bring your vehicle by Finsanto Automotive Repair Shop on time for your transmission services, so your transmission will last!

Radiator Fluid and Coolant/Antifreeze Exchange

Radiator fluid, or Coolant/Antifreeze, works hard to keep your engine cool. Like any fluid in your engine, coolant has a limited lifespan, and should be exchanged at proper intervals to keep the fluid fresh and your engine clean! We'll push the old fluid out under pressure, run a cleaner through the whole cooling system, and pump in new fluid so your cooling system is fresh and efficient again!

Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake fluid transmits pressure from your brake pedal to the brakes on your car. It's important that this hydraulic fluid stays clean and free of contaminants to work properly. Over time, however, contaminants and water can accumulate in the fluid. This will affect braking efficiency and can corrode the lines that carry the fluid to your brakes. If left unchecked, it can lead to a soft brake pedal and can even cause total brake failure! Bring your vehicle to Finsanto where our technicians can push out all of the old brake fluid and replace it with new, clean fluid.

Differential Fluid Exchange

Differentials are vital to transmitting power from your engine to your wheels, and is lubricated by a thick oil. Over time, this fluid breaks down and needs to be replaced, or it will lead to poor performance, noise, and in the worst cases, total failure and breakdown. If the differential breaks down, a total replacement is required to get you on the road again. Don't let that happen to you, make sure you're changing out this oil at proper intervals!

Power Steering Fluid Exchange

If you've ever driven a vehicle without power steering, you know just how important the system is in modern cars. This fluid lubricates all the moving parts in the power steering system and prevents wear and tear by removing contaminants. Proper fluid also conditions the o-rings and seals, but fluid that is contaminated can damage these seals. It's important to regularly exchange the power steering fluid to extend the life of your steering components such as the pump and the power steering rack and pinion assembly.

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