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Clutch Repair and Services in San Antonio, TX

Clutch Repair and Services

The clutch connects the engine and the transmission together. On a vehicle with a manual transmission, proper operation of the clutch is essential to be able to effectively use the vehicle.

How a Clutch Works

A running engine is a spinning engine. The crankshaft only stops spinning when the engine is off. The transmission transmits that spinning to the wheels through a series of gears. Of course, you don't always want your wheels and transmission spinning. It's not safe to roll right through red lights! The clutch disengages the engine from the transmission for stopping, shifting gears, and engages the engine and transmission while taking off from a stop or accelerating.

Clutch Service & Clutch Replacement

The clutch is like a brake, but in reverse: It engages when you let off the clutch pedal. Just like regular brakes, it wears out over time. In general, it's not the most difficult maintenance, but the clutch sits between the engine and transmission. Often, the entire clutch kit should be replaced, because the clutch disk can wear out as well. Other issues can come up with clutches, including hydraulic leaks, air in the hydraulic system, or stretched control cables. Of course, all of this is fixable, and can be found during a clutch or transmission diagnostic.

Is Your Clutch Acting Up?

If your clutch is not acting like it should, if you think something is wrong with it, the best thing to do is to bring your vehicle to Finsanto, where our certified technicians will run a diagnostic test in order to pinpoint the exact cause for concern.

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