Check Engine Light in San Antonio, TX

There are hundreds of sensors in your car, and when one of them senses an error, it can cause your check engine light to turn on. These sensors watch key components on your vehicle, so in order for your car to run like it should, these components have to be in top condition.

Your vehicle has a computer on it that tracks and stores all of the error codes that come up that can cause the Check Engine Light to come on. We can connect our state-of-the-art scan tool to this computer and communicate with it so our technicians have a starting point. Their experience and training will find the root of the issue!

The process of determining the root issue is often very complicated, and includes following a complex diagnostic flow chart procedure. Our technicians are up for the challenge, and are well-versed in determining the root issue and why it happened, so we can properly repair the issue and prevent any serious problems in the future.

So, when that check engine light illuminates on your dash, don't stress, dash on over so our certified and trained technicians can get on it right away! Finsanto has the right people, tools, and experience to diagnose and repair check engine lights on almost every make and model of car on the road today!

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