What Would Happen if I Added Oil to My Car but Never Changed It?

Engine Oil

Depending on your type of vehicle and the oil you use, you should be changing your oil anywhere from every 3,000 miles to every 15,000 miles. Problems start to occur when people forget to change their oil at all. What happens when someone decides to just "top off" the oil instead of actually changing it?

If you run your car without occasionally changing its oil, that oil will become dirty. Although the filter will help to remove dirt for a while, that filter will eventually clog up. When the filter clogs, the dirty oil will still be able to pass through the filter through a special relief valve.

You don't want to use dirty oil in your car. Oil that has been polluted with dirt is heavy, thick, gritty and abrasive. This oil will quickly cause wear on your car's engine. Whereas clean oil acts as a lubricant to allow the metal pieces in your engine to glide across each other easily, dirty oil will actually wear down those metal pieces instead.

Oil usually also has additives in it, such as detergents, rust-deterrents and friction reducers. As oil becomes older and gets used, these additives wear out. Once that happens, the oil won't lubricate nearly as well as it should.

New car owners might not realize the importance of changing their vehicle's oil. You might be tempted to just check you oil then add to it instead of properly changing out the oil, but you are hurting your car and the engines effectiveness when you run it with dirty oil. Although you won't kill your car by waiting a few hundred miles to change the oil, keeping your oil new and clean makes your car safer and happier.

They say prevention is better than cure, and looking at the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance, this statement couldn’t be more accurate. Do yourself AND your pockets a favor by dialing the San Antonio Auto Repair Experts phone number, 844-935-0155.

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