What are the Symptoms of Dirty Fuel Injectors?

Modern cars have enhanced electronic systems and fuel injection engines for smooth and clean running. A critical part of the system is the fuel injector. For new drivers, it may be your first time hearing about it, and like every other vehicle component, they need maintenance.

What are Fuel Injectors?

Starting your car needs the correct mixture of air and fuel. Your Fuel injectors play a critical role in this process. During the power stroke, fuel injectors control the time and the amount of fuel that goes into the combustion chamber for optimized efficiency.
However, with regular driving and poor maintenance, they get dirty, clogged, and eventually fail.

Signs of Dirty Fuel Injectors

Unless you are an expert, spotting the signs of dirty fuel injectors is tricky. Still, with regular maintenance, you will identify dirty injectors. Stay alert for the following symptoms of dirty or bad injectors.

Your Vehicle Won't Start
Generally, fuel injectors send gas to the correct cylinders in the combustion chamber. If they fail, the crucial air and fuel combination is incomplete. Dirty or clogged injectors prevent the right amount of gas from being delivered to generate the needed combustion.

Rough Idling
If your car shakes or sputters at a stop sign or idle mode, it's a sign that your fuel injectors are dirty, causing inconsistent revolutions per minute (RPM). Rough idling may also accompany a sudden fuel supply decrease, mainly uphill.

Engine Misfires
Sputtering and poor acceleration, even when you step on the fuel pedal, is common when an engine misfires. Dirty injectors cause this due to an imbalance of fuel and air going into the engine.

Bad Fuel Economy
When your car engine is getting inadequate gas for combustion, it demands more from the injectors due to an insufficient air-fuel mixture. If you begin to refuel more than usual, you have poor gas economy, a sign of dirty or clogged injectors.

Your RPM Needle Starts to Dance
Dirty fuel injectors will cause your RPM needle on the tachometer to move unpredictably. Get your fuel injectors checked if the needle moves unprompted, especially when you are not switching gears.

Regular maintenance is vital for your car's health. But if you need fuel injection system cleaning, call Finsanto Automotive Repair Shop today.


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