These Audible Warning Signs Mean It’s Time for Immediate Brake Repair

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Brakes are one of the most important parts of any vehicle, but it’s also an area that some drivers take for granted until it’s too late. If you begin to notice strange sounds or anything else out of the ordinary when you press the brake pedal down, your vehicle may be trying to tell you something. Here are some clear warning signs of potential brake trouble to watch out for to stay safe while on the road. For more information or to schedule a brake repair in San Antonio, reach out to Finsanto Automotive!

Warning Signs To Pay Attention To

Those Vibrations While Steering Likely Mean Rotor Trouble

When you push your brake pedal down, your brake pads are sent directly into the brake rotors located on the sides of your wheels. This pressure is what gets the vehicle to stop in a timely fashion.

But if your rotors are not aligned properly or experiencing other issues, the pads might not be able to get the job done as effectively. If you ever feel heavy vibrations out of your car when trying to brake while steering, this could be an indication that your rotors need repair or replacement.

A Squealing Noise Might Be Telling You to Get New Brake Pads Before It’s Too Late

Is your car making a squealing or whining noise every time you push the brake pedal down? Does the noise go away when the pedal comes back up but then return the next time you need to slow or stop?

A squealing noise from your car when pushing the brake pedal likely means that your brake pads have worn down and are in dire need of replacement. If you don’t replace the pads fast enough, you might end up with metal parts going into your rotors, and that’s a hazardous and potentially expensive situation to deal with.

Vibrations or Squealing That Escalate Into Grinding Spells Big Trouble

If you don’t replace those brake pads in a timely fashion after hearing some squealing, you will likely hear and feel some heavy grinding every time you try to activate the brakes. This is the sound of the metal your brake pads used to be attached to going directly into your rotors. This is an excellent way to cause significant damage to your rotors and wheels as well as the rest of the braking system.

It’s also likely the car will not stop as quickly as it would with fresh brake pads installed. If you don’t get your vehicle off the road immediately, you will be at risk of pushing down on the brake pedal and not having the car respond at all because your entire system is now badly damaged.

Contact a Local Brake Repair Expert Today

Your brakes likely won’t fail at the first audible sign of trouble, but those sounds or sensations should be taken very seriously. Any kind of vibrating, squealing, or grinding noise is your vehicle trying to tell you something about its failing brakes.

Contact the best auto repair shop, Finsanto Automotive to get the brake system inspected and repaired. The longer you wait to repair, the more expensive the eventual fix will be, not to mention the potential danger you could be bringing upon yourself or your loved ones.

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