5 Reasons Your Vehicle Is Overheating

Your car overheating is a definite sign of danger. While rising external temperatures can be to blame, there’s likely trouble brewing under the hood as well. If your vehicle overheats, you could potentially damage your cooling system or even the engine itself, so make sure to get this problem checked out by your mechanic right away. For preventative car maintenance visit the experts at Finsanto Automotive. Here are a few reasons your engine may be overheating.

Your coolant is low or empty

If there’s no coolant in your tank, then overheating is inevitable. You need to top this up from time to time, so make sure you check your coolant levels regularly.

You’ve got a leak somewhere

Is the coolant in your vehicle disappearing a lot quicker than it should? You may have a leak in your cooling system. Sometimes this is just a tiny leak, which drains your fluid over time, but this could quickly turn into a much larger problem if your reservoir fails to hold any liquid at all. Have you smelled something sweet near your car lately? This is the smell of your coolant leaking out of the vehicle. So, if you get a whiff of maple syrup when you get in your car, it’s time to get it checked for leaks at your local auto repair shop.

There’s a blockage in the hoses

Your cooling system has hoses, and sometimes, while the hoses look good on the outside, there could be a blockage inside them. If this happens, dirt and other debris can stop your cooling system from properly circulating your coolant.

There’s a problem with your radiator

If your coolant levels seem to be fine and there are no leaks to be found, it could be an issue with your radiator. When the fans start to give out in your radiator, their ability to cool can be decreased. This can cause cooling issues and eventually a total failure of the cooling system if it’s not taken care of.

Your water pump is failing

The vehicle’s water pump is used to move the coolant through the engine. If the pump has failed, then your coolant won’t be able to circulate, and your vehicle will overheat.

In closing, many of these overheating issues can be avoided with proper preventative maintenance. Making sure that your coolant levels are checked, hoses are in good shape, and your belts are replaced on the regular goes a long way in preventing vehicle overheating.

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