4 Signs You May Need a New Car Battery

Vehicle Battery

Have you ever been in a rush to get somewhere, just to get in your car and find out you're stuck with a dead battery? In this situation, you have no option but to jump-start the vehicle. However, you can avoid this by paying attention to some simple signs that will let you know when to purchase a new car battery. At Finsanto Automotive, we are San Antonio’s expert shop for car battery repairs.

What Are the Signs You Need a New Car Battery?

1. Your Car's Lights Are Getting Weaker

Have you been noticing your car's lights appear weaker than usual? If your headlights, internal lights, or dashboard lights are losing their intensity, this may be a sign you need a new car battery!

2. Your Car Takes Forever to Start

If your car's engine takes a long time to start, this may point to a faulty car battery. Once your cranking motor starts working, it should take less than a second for your car to start.

Keep in mind that it's normal for your car to take slightly longer to start in months of extreme heat or cold. However, it shouldn't take more than one attempt to get the engine going. If this isn't the case with your vehicle, it's likely your battery isn't completely functional.

3. You Notice Oxidization in Your Battery's Terminals

Car batteries are composed of extremely corrosive acids (such as sulfuric acid) and work by generating chemical reactions. So, it's only normal that with time its components start deteriorating.

If you notice any green dust on your battery's terminals, be alert, as this can mean you'll have to substitute your car battery soon.

4. Your Battery's Voltage Is Low

You should regularly test your car's battery by connecting the negative and positive terminals to a voltmeter. If the readings are below 12V, the battery is no longer in good enough condition to feed your car's electric components.

If you happen to come across any of these signs, the time to visit Finsanto Automotive, San Antonio Auto Repair Shop. Avoid postponing this - take care of your vehicle's health today!

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