4 Signs It's Time to Get New Tires

No driver enjoys having to replace their wheels but it's integral to the safety and drivability of your vehicle. If you're wondering when you should look into new tires, pay attention to the signs below and regularly inspect your tires to catch any damage early.It’s best to bring your vehicle to your local tire experts in San Antonio at Finsanto Automotive.

Part of being a responsible vehicle owner is knowing how and when to maintain your car. Worn-down tires can become dangerous to drive on, and you'll want to seek a replacement to ensure your ride is smooth and safe. Buying new tires doesn't have to be an overwhelming experience when you know what to look for.

Here Are 4 Signs To Look Out For

1. Low Tread

One of the most common indicators for replacing your vehicle's tires is when the tread has become overly worn. Using the penny test is an easy way to determine how much tread you have left.

Grab a penny and place Lincoln's head down toward the tire. If you can still visualize the top of his head, your tread has become too shallow and you'll want to replace your tires in order to drive safely. This is an old-fashioned way to test the tread but an effective one. (Of course, if you have a larger vehicle with larger tires, you may need to move up to a nickel or quarter.)

2. Uneven Wear

Ideally, drivers want all four tires to wear down at an even rate so they can all be replaced at once. There are instances when one or two tires may be wearing down significantly faster than the others. Misaligned wheels are a common culprit for uneven wear and tear on your wheels, and going in for a regular alignment check can help you avoid the added expense of a premature replacement tire.

3. Cracked Rubber

When you're inspecting your tires, note any areas of cracking. Once your wheels are showing signs of cracking, you'll want to call your mechanic ASAP for a quote on a new set. Driving on wheels that are showing even minimal signs of cracking can be dangerous as it hinders the driver's ability to handle the vehicle properly.

Cracked rubber can be a sign of age and the natural degradation of the material. Tires can lose flexibility over the years, and this is especially common in hot climates where the UV rays penetrate the rubber and cause it to break down.

4. Low Air Pressure

When your low air pressure indicator light turns on, this can be a sign of a leak somewhere in your tires. Sometimes, this can be repaired with a simple patch. If the damage is severe, you'll need a new tire. Bringing your vehicle in once you notice the light is important, as it ensures that your tire is less likely to suffer further damage from driving with low pressure

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